The start of new Innovation Mentors


For a third year in a row The Mentorships processes have come to an end.

The ending ceremony, where 19 collaborators from different Agrosuper units presented their findings and the opportunities within each area, applying the Era and Tricycle methodologies, taught by Idemax Consultants during the eights weeks of training.

19 mentors presented their proposals to their superiors and sponsors, in order to boost possible Challengers (innovation workshops), continuing to apply the innovation methodologies and make way for new solutions.

With this, not only the methodological transfer ends, but also gives way to a new stage where they can share the innovation spirit, applying the tools they have learnt to create solutions in their areas and in the whole organisation.

The mentorships will become a key element to Agrosuper, since it is the way to embody – in all parts of the Company – the innovation culture we are promoting, as well as creativity, transforming every spark of it into a sustainable fire that allows to generate original and worthy results.


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News / 28 October, 2016

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