SIAL PARIS: Food Trends

SIAL Paris has always been a landmark in Agrosuper’s international agenda. This year we complete a decade attending this exhibition, which has become an important opportunity to gather with international clients from Europe and other parts of the world. It’s an instance that allows us to be locals in a global world.

“Not only does joining this exhibition allow us to meet with our clients and get to know their needs, but it also allows us to recognize the trends in the industry”, said Raúl Squadritto, from Agroeuropa.

Check here the main food trends displayed in SIAL Paris:

1.- In my neighbourhood #eatHealthily

For retail outlets and producers, proximity helps support small local farmers, guarantees a lesser environmental impact (less transportation) and meets a growing consumer requirement for faster and easier availability of the products they are looking for.

2.- Help me do it myself #eatTogether

Making food oneself is rewarding and a souce of pleasure for the consumer. It also guarantees the naturalness of the ingredients used. Finally, it is a genuine source for saving money.

3.- Zero waste #eatSustainably

Ecological conscience is giving way to the issue of wastage. Consumers, industrial companies, distributors and restaurants must endeavour to reduce and optimise their wastage.

4.- Where does it come from? #eatHealthily

Knowing the origin of ingredients, manufacturing processes, production methodologies… These consumer desires are today becoming consumer demands.

5.- Natural state #eatHealthily

Weary of industrial, processed food and exaggerated “rustic” marketing, consumers are turning to products and places which are faithful to their origins whilst still being resolutely contemporary.

6.- Naturally beneficial #eatHealthily

Some ingredients, through their presence or absence, appear as a privileged way to stay healthy, safely, to boost energy levels and naturally strengthen the body’s inmune system. Naturalness here is the key element which guarantees the pleasure of healthy eating.

7.- A return to nostalgia #eatGlamorously

Nostalgia is back. It is not about conservatism or fighting change. This is a new, friendly nostalgia creating a positive link with today’s circumstances. A return to a reassuring, protective past which is then modernised and glamorised to help consumers better cope with the present and envisage the future.

8.- Little Luxuries #eatPractically

Pleasure is the key dimension to food regardless of the place, time, generation… whether it is a question of satisfaction, comfort or aesthetics, the consumer is always delighted with little affordable and easy pleasures as a treat and in today’s difficult financial context, they make life easier and more beautiful.

9.- The new “mix & match” #eatGlamorously

“Mix & Match” in this context means mixing and matching shapes, flavours and textures. This creates a new kind of bolder fusion food, meeting a constant need to surprise and provide new experiences to consumers.

10.- Star product #eatGlamorously

The product, nothing but the product. Promoted by chefs and / or manufacters who are returning to products with a chic and high-end approach.

11.- Tech my way #eatConnected

Food personalization has always been a strong trend. New digital technologies allow consumers to go even further in food creativity.

12.- Health data #eatConnected

Throughout the world, new technology and the Internet of Things are besieging plates, harvesting data and providing individuality, proximity and inmediacy for consumer services, particularly in terms of nutrition and health.

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