National Direction of the Environmental Evaluation Service team visit


The team visited the Lodos Activados Plant and the new Compost system in Trinchera, both located in La Estrella.

In order to get to know the the new advances and projects on technological improvement inside the pig production centres of Agrosuper, the Executive director of the Environmental Evaluation Service (SEA), Jorge Troncoso, along with the work team from the SEA direction in O’Higgins visited the Lodos Activados Plant and the new Compost system in Trinchera, in the heart of La Estrella.

During the visit they were accompanied by Martín Landea, Sustainability Assistant manager, who also presented on the new technological advance projects and the sustainable growth of aviary production, food plants and the treatment systems for pig manure.

It is worth mentioning that future sustainability projects from the animal production in different regions were also presented, such as the new system for manure treatment that will be evaluated to later become a part of the pig breeding processing plants in Rosario, Requínoa and Codegua.

For Martin Landea, Sustainability Assistant Manager, “During the visit, that was also attended by the O’Higgins Regional Director and the National Coordinators from SEA, it was possible to gather an excellent opinion on the investments we are making as well as the technological advances to reduce environmental impact. The strategy for sustainable development that Agrosuper is leading is already functioning in different regions with productive facilities”.


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SIAL PARIS: Food Trends

News / 28 October, 2016

SIAL PARIS: Food Trends