Electronic certification in Rosario Plant

A new system connects SAG with Rosselkhoznadzor, the official Russian Sanitary Service The launching of the new certification system, which connects SAG with the Rosselkhoznadzor (official Russian Sanitary Service) that will help to aid the commercial Exchange between Chile and the UEE (Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan y Kyrgyzstan) was held in the Rosario Plant. The […]

Agrosuper supports the growth of over 156 grocery store owners

Grocery stores owners are being trained through useful and innovate tools that branch from marketing, through financial management and image. After six months of training, a total of 156 grocery store owners finished the “Mi almacén, mi empresa” programme by Agrosuper and Fundes that seeks to train grocery store owners through useful and innovate tools […]

Concern about water consumption

In 2015 water consumption was in a 8,2% per litter, per meat kilogram compared with 2014. In Agrosuper, water management is always a big priority. We have implemented a series of water saving initiatives and re-use in order to take care and make the process more efficient. This way, we have allowed ourselves with a […]

A new Bird Integrated Project

In Coinco (Rancagua) 85.000 one day old chickens were received for breeding, to be sold to Agrosuper afterwards. In Coinco (Rancagua), more specifically in El Chaval Road, a new family welcomed 85.000 one day old chickens to breed for 42 days as part of the Integrated Project by Agrosuper. The Project seeks to generate shared […]