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Mañana se lanza campaña de hamburguesas en Puerto Rico

LLEGÓ EL VERANO BORICUA Y ES EL MOMENTO DE POTENCIAR EL LANZAMIENTO DE PRODUCTOS Este miércoles 7 de Junio se lanza la esperada campaña para potenciar el nuevo lanzamiento de la línea de hamburguesas en Puerto Rico. Recordemos que este producto lleva un poco más 4 meses en el mercado isleño en los cuales hemos […]

SIAL PARIS: Food Trends

News / 28 October, 2016

SIAL PARIS: Food Trends

SIAL Paris has always been a landmark in Agrosuper’s international agenda. This year we complete a decade attending this exhibition, which has become an important opportunity to gather with international clients from Europe and other parts of the world. It’s an instance that allows us to be locals in a global world. “Not only does […]

The start of new Innovation Mentors

For a third year in a row The Mentorships processes have come to an end. The ending ceremony, where 19 collaborators from different Agrosuper units presented their findings and the opportunities within each area, applying the Era and Tricycle methodologies, taught by Idemax Consultants during the eights weeks of training. 19 mentors presented their proposals […]

National Direction of the Environmental Evaluation Service team visit

The team visited the Lodos Activados Plant and the new Compost system in Trinchera, both located in La Estrella. In order to get to know the the new advances and projects on technological improvement inside the pig production centres of Agrosuper, the Executive director of the Environmental Evaluation Service (SEA), Jorge Troncoso, along with the […]